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Singletrack Editor’s Choice 2018

Our Thermal Gilet was named Editor’s Choice of 2018 by Chipps, editor of Singletrack Magazine.

“I’ve been testing a few bits and pieces from this Mark Webber-inspired clothing company this year and it’s been immediately obvious that the whole range is designed with huge attention to detail.

“Things like the fit and the cut of the soft-shell jacket are only rivalled by the likes of Arcteryx and 7Mesh, with tiny, sealed seams and an obsessive minimalism that I approve of.

“My favourite piece, though, has to be the thermal gilet. The humble gilet doesn’t get enough love, but Aussie Grit has given this slim-fitting vest a waffle fleece-backed windproof front and a ventilated back, a couple of rear pockets (one zipped) hold minimal essentials (assuming your tube/CO2 is on your bike) and that’s about it.

“It’s effective enough to substitute a whole mid layer in the Spring, or in Summer evenings, and it does the same worn under a jacket in a blizzard, yet it rolls down to the size of a water bottle, or a can of Monster.

“If you’re a minimalist rider in cool or changeable weather, this is a great garment to pack,” Chips said.

The Thermal Gilet has been a popular product with customers in both the Men’s and Women’s designs, with Sam Bellia leaving a product review on the Women’s version online;

“This Thermal Gilet has been really useful when I’ve been hiking in cold conditions. It’s surprisingly warm and saved me a few times when the temperature suddenly dropped! It’s lightweight enough to pack just in case, or wear as an extra layer. I love that the flint range has understated colours and classic style which is not generally the case with women’s sports gear,” Sam said.

Another purchaser Mike Williams left a review on the Men’s Thermal Gilet, stating that the product is a “great piece of kit for mountain or road biking. Warm, comfy and practical.”

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