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How to Create Your Own Adventure

By Tobias Mews, guest blogger and Aussie Grit Apparel ambassador:

Over the past decade, the number of running races and mountain bike races have multiplied infinite times, to the point where the choice is now mind-blowing.

And with that choice, the entry prices have risen, some sell out in minutes, and some are simply too difficult to get to.

But what if you didn’t have to enter a race to get your endorphin fix?  What if you could become your own race director?

You choose the date, the time, the distance, the rules and who enters your race (cue friends, family, work colleagues and running club mates).

What if you could become your own race director?

I’ve completed well over 250 races of every type, distance and description, from iron distance triathlons that involve jumping out of ferries into freezing cold fjords and mountain biking races that last over a week through to wife carrying and obstacle course racing. But my favourite races have been the ones I’ve created myself.

All you need is a pinch of imagination, a handful of mates, a map and your diary to hand. And best of all, most of your running adventures won’t cost you a penny.

So what’s stopping you? If you’ve got a DIY adventure in the planning, tell us about it. Perhaps we could even come and join you?

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