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It’s bike week in the UK and in honour of this (June 9th – June 17th) we have collected some of our favourite cycling images from the Aussie Grit Apparel community.

Bike week aims to encourage people to get outside and cycle more, something that we are very passionate about here at Aussie Grit. We love seeing our community in the great outdoors!

We’ve built our cycling products with a massive amount of care and attention to detail, so that nothing detracts from your ride. Our Men’s Bike Shorts are two-in-one to maximise comfort and function and the chamois is made from high quality materials in Italy. Our Women’s Bike Short is made from the same, four-way stretch fabric to ensure that it’s breathable and supports your muscles. There are reflective highlights on the front and back and a secure phone pocket, in case you need to stop to take an incredible picture when you take a break, like some of our friends below have done.

If you’d like to learn more about our bike collection, you can check the product pages of our shop.

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You can find out more or see the events for bike week here:

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