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Our Sales & Operations Manager, Andrew, has turned 40 this January and to celebrate this major (some would say eye-opening) milestone, he has entered one of the world’s most renowned endurance events, the London Marathon.

When he’s not helping run the UK side of the business, we’d normally find Andrew in his native Chiltern Hills running the trails, mountain biking in Wales and the Surrey Hills or, failing that, throwing himself into neck-deep “puddles” at the likes of HellRunner, perhaps even trying not to get too badly injured at a Obstacle Course Race. Privately we think it’s about time he admits that he’s too old for that kind of thing, and concentrates on trail running and MTB’ing.

We’ve asked Andrew to blog for us during his marathon training, and as you can gather from the above perhaps he’s not ideally suited to the stereotypical pavement pounding style of training normally associated with road running. We’re very interested to learn how he’s going to train for the event, whilst still finding time to enjoy connecting with his local trails and, frankly, holding down his day job spear-heading our start-up in the UK off-road, that’s off-road, market. We’ll hand over to him to explain:

“It’s true, I love trail running! For many different reasons. Though fundamentally I’ve always found it more of a thrill and a challenge, the ideal escape from the stresses of day-to-day modern life; the chance to reconnect with nature and the feeling of ‘getting away from it all’.

“Also, there are also countless mental and physical benefits associated with running off-road, some of which are neatly summed up by the UK’s Jo Pavey (a long-distance runner, and medallist at World Championship level) in Januarys (UK) Trail Running magazine; I’ll explore these more during the course of this marathon blog.


“So, what makes me want to run the London Marathon, all on road?

Aussie Grit Trail Running

“For me, this is one of the worlds iconic events and not just for road runners, everyone has heard of the London Marathon; hundreds of thousands of people line the streets of the UK’s capital every year, to unfalteringly cheer on, and in some cases, assist, complete strangers. Watching the event on TV as a kid it was this camaraderie, this community, that made me want to be a part of the event…

“Over the years my interests have leaned towards trail running, and off-road activities, and that’s still my first love, but listening to a friend who completed the event in 2011 talk about his experience, it re-ignited my passion to enter. And as it’s taken me six attempts at the annual ballot to gain a place, I’m not going to turn it down now!

“I’m taking the more unusual route of completing the majority of my training runs off-road, on trails that I love in the Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire, and I’ll be reporting back on the benefits of this and the pitfalls and practicalities (hopefully with a fair bit of humour), of training for an endurance event during an ever-changing UK winter.

Thanks Andrew, we look forward to following your journey…

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