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There’s just one more sleep until UTA50 and UTA100 kick off in the Blue Mountains.

On the trails in Aussie Grit Apparel will be a number of athletes like last year’s winner, Brendan Davies and first time UTA100 runner, Nina Edhouse.

We caught up with Nina before her first UTA100 to see how she was preparing for the race, how she was feeling and what supplies she’s bringing with her.

Nina, what made you first decide to do the UTA100?

It’s such a great atmosphere here. When you volunteer and you see people out there in the middle of the night or you see people finishing early in the morning, it’s amazing. I just thought, I need to be a part of that.

We have Kerry from Squadrun who’s always on the finish line, you can hear him throughout the whole entire course.

It’s about seeing people emotional, seeing people broken and the community. I’ve done the 50, I’ve done the 22, so I want to come and finish the 100.

How have you been preparing for the race?

I’ve been training for the 100 for the past 12 months now.

I think having the back up of Squadrun was really good to push me on and I formed a really good training group and we are all doing the 100 together, so we all know what we are in for.

Are you going to run together?

Hopefully, we are going to meet up at night time and just finish together, so we will all be in a pain cave. We will all be hurting but we will just push through for the last 22.

Awesome, have you been training a lot in the gear you will run in?

Yep so I’ve been training in my Aussie Grit tights and I pretty much decided to wear them all the way back in February. On my first run in them, I thought they ticked all my boxes; one less thing to think about or worry about.

I’ll have the ¾ tights to start with and if it gets cold I will change in to my long tights.

What else will you have on you for the UTA100?

In my drop-bag I’m going to have my nutrition, a fresh top, a fresh pair of tights in case it gets cold. Then I’ll just have little things like whatever I need to eat and body glides in case I have chaffing.

How are you feeling now?

I was a bit nervous but I’m better now I’m up here in the Mountains and it’s at the expo and there’s UTA everywhere, I’m getting excited.

Congratulations to Nina, who completed the UTA100 on Sunday morning! 

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