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The newest items in the Aussie Grit Apparel range  debuted at this year’s National Running Show in the UK mid-January, and officially launched on Australia Day (Jan 26).

Since then, our customers have been putting the kit to the test. UK-based Ian, who has a YouTube channel called Tyres & Trainers bought only the second ever pair of Men’s Running Tights and posted a review on his channel.

“I bought them in January 2019, I have been using them for all of my runs. The quality is fantastic, it’s really, really good, they’re £77 ($100 AUD) and for that you get an awful lot of value for money” Ian said.

“The material is really good, it is supportive but not too constrictive. The other beauty is the finish quality, there’s no loose threads, no stitching that doesn’t look quite right, it’s all finished in very high standards.

“I’ve run in +6 degrees and in -4 degrees and I haven’t felt over heated or cold, they do seem to regulate your temperature very well. That’s great because this means you will be able to use your tights for a lot longer, I feel I will be able to use these moving into Autumn, through winter and then out into Spring.

“As you can tell, I really like them, I think they are great value, they look good, the finish is excellent and the material is good. If you are in the market for a new pair of tights, I would recommend that you consider these seriously.”

You can watch Ian’s full review from his YouTube channel below.

More reviews for the new range:

Women’s Focus Jacket (Jade)

Jude Palmer04/02/2019 | 4:07 pm

Great jacket which feels super lightweight and complies with mandatory kit requirements for ultras. I’ve worn it every day in the winter snow and felt warm and dry plus it packs down small when I want to stash it. Women’s fit really appreciated as is the cool colour!

Aussie Grit Men’s Long Tights

Matthew Baker29/01/2019 | 7:26 pm

Love these tights! Really comfortable, warm (I have been running in the snow of late!) and supportive.

Men’s Focus Jacket (Wattle) 

Andrew Baker31/01/2019 | 5:03 pm

I bought this as soon as it came out, and absolutely love it! It’s really light, yet totally waterproof (I’ve been running in snow and rain since I bought it) and the Wattle colour is highly visible on dark evenings too. Thoroughly recommended.

Aussie Grit Men’s Long Tights

Lee Kemp, GB Trail Runner, 25/02/2019 (Full review via Trekking & Outdoors)

Although not a compression product as such the tight fitting I found promoted blood flow within my leg muscles and after my long [4 hour] run my legs actually felt better than in previous weeks – this maybe placebo or as a result of getting a bit fitter but I did notice it straight away after finishing the run.

There are no annoying labels or seams so no chafing! And with some reflective stickers on the outside increases your visibility to traffic at night or low light.

With the fit being so good they were lovely to run in and kept my legs nice and warm (but not too warm).

At £77 RRP ($100 AUD) they are by no means the cheapest out there (or for that matter the most expensive I have seen) but for any regular runner they are a good investment. I have used mine now on a dozen runs and they haven’t lost their elasticity and fit.

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