Mike Gratton Tells Us About 'The Grim'

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The Grim is a classic UK mud, trail and obstacle run held by 2:09 events in Aldershot.

Aussie Grit Apparel is proud to be supporting the event this year with prizes for the podium, and a 15% discount for all Grim entrants.

The very name and symbol of the company, 2:09, is derived from the marathon time of Company Director and founder Mike Gratton who won the London Marathon with that time in 1983.

We asked Mike to tell us about The Grim.

How was the The Grim born?

The Grim was born to offer the runners from the 1990’s running boom, who had entered the sport primarily because of the draw of the London Marathon, something new to motivate their running. Running had become polarised into mass Marathons on the one hand, and very competitive club cross country on the other – somewhere in between there was a need for a new type of event, that was less about the competition and more about the challenge.

Tell us a bit of history about the location and event?

The Aldershot area is the home of the British Army, and as such there are plenty of excessively muddy training areas that are not accessible to the public under usual circumstances. The vehicle and tank training areas were a shoe in, with deep ruts full of muddy water, steep climbs and descents for 4x4 training, sand traps and natural obstacles.

“The Grim” - it sounds tough. What kind of terrain can runners expect?

Runners can expect hills, sand, mud, and more mud!

Do you have any training advice for The Grim entrants?

Get out into the countryside and local forests and run as many hills on trails as possible, leaving the main tracks and onto single track with plenty of twists, turns and ditches to jump.

When is the race on and what can people do to get involved?

The race is on Sunday 8th December and entries can be made online at www.209events.com.

Spectators are welcome to come and cheer on the runners and watch the fun at the muddiest water holes – bring wellington boots!!


We have two entries to The Grim 2019 to give away!

The Grim is run on Sunday 8th of December, a time when the weather usually ensures that the event lives up to its name!

All you need to do is follow us @aussiegritapparel (on Instagram) or like Aussie Grit Apparel (on Facebook) and tag us in a photo of your most ‘grim’ run – think rain, sweat, mud, with a caption or comment about why you’d love to win.

The two ‘grimmest’ photos will receive a free entry to this year’s The Grim event.

Be sure to tell any of your running friends about the giveaway so they can enter too.

Entries close November 24th, 2019.

This event is open to UK entrants only.
Terms and conditions can be found here:







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