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Mark Webber reflects on the two year anniversary since founding his off-road apparel brand.  

 It’s been two years since you founded Aussie Grit Apparel, what are the moments etched in your memory about the journey so far? 

Mark: It was a ginormous moment when I saw the first collection coming off the production line.  It took an immense effort and travel around the globe by the whole team over a 15-month period to get to that point.  

 And, of course, when the first sales started to happen earlier this year. Both are great validation points for all the hard graft and grit that went in from the team in those early stages. 

 Is the brand meeting the initial vision you had for it? Is there anything that has changed along the way? 

Mark: At Aussie Grit Apparel we love people being in the outdoors and away from screens, whether it’s their phones or in the gym. So, seeing people playing in the environment our garments have been designed for, has been fulfilling.  

 As a start-up, you are always learning from your customers. Clearly, the touch and feel of our fabrics is very important and you can’t do that online.  Having our garments available in retail shops and in people’s hands has been given an increased focus more recently.  

 What do you think has been the brand’s biggest achievement to date? 

Mark: It’s hard to pick just one but seeing the great reviews our garments are getting has been very rewarding. Also, seeing us sell our garments to countries other than the UK and Australia which are the two markets we’re concentrating our efforts on at the moment. At the last count, we had sold to 15 different countries.  Building great relationships and working closely with the different communities within our off-road niche has also been exciting. 

 What are your key focuses for Aussie Grit Apparel currently? 

Mark: Ensuring as many people as possible have the opportunity to touch, feel and sample our garments. We want to continue to get better with the demands of having both hemispheres in play at the same time; it’s a great opportunity for us and if we can provide well for both, it will stand us in good stead for the future as we roll out the brand elsewhere. 

 What can we expect from Aussie Grit Apparel over the next two years? 

Mark: We are very proud of our Australian bush origins and values which we’ve used to build and inspire our brand and design our garments. We are working very hard, and will continue to do so, in the UK and Australia in the coming years to demonstrate to our customers how our garments represent value for money as they discover how tough, versatile and durable they are. When someone buys Aussie Grit Apparel, I’d like to think they’re buying a little piece of the Australian bush lifestyle. 

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