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Training to be at his best during a distinguished motorsport career fuelled Mark Webber’s passion for choosing to train in the great outdoors.

Running and riding off-road kept him in peak mental and physical condition.  

Over Mark’s motorsport career he left no stone unturned working to identify the smallest detail that could provide a performance advantage on track.  He applied that discipline in lots of areas of his life including what he expected from his off-road apparel.   

It was those thoughts that led to the creation of Aussie Grit Apparel.

A key garment that Mark and the team at Aussie Grit Apparel One really wanted to excel was the flint Men’s 2-in-1 Bike Shorts. 

We caught up with Mark to find out more about the bike short and what makes the design so special. 

“When I was competing in motorsport, all my race-kit was made to measure and to be minimalist so possible that I carried as little weight as possible into the cockpit.  

“We would spend a long time working with companies who designed and manufactured our race suit and gloves to ensure everything fitted to perfect; no folds or creases, no unnecessary material, no flaps and belts that could get in the way and compromise me in the cockpit. 

“So, with that racing mentality in mind, I wanted to design a short for off-road cycling that really addressed those finer points as well as something that could deal with the demands of being out on the trails.       

“We wanted the shorts to do three key things and I’m thrilled that we were able to deliver on these:

  1. Be tough: to protect us from bushes other obstacles along the way
  1. Perform off-road: we wanted to minimise the amount of fabric used to stop the short getting in the way (snagging on a saddle for example) yet the fabrics had to feel soft against the skin
  2. Be comfortable: Overall, we wanted the short to be comfortable; there’s no point designing something new if it rubs or chaffs, no one would wear it! So, we were very careful with our fabric selections and tested tons of chamois pads until settling on an Italian fabricated one that’s used by the pro’s.  

“The inner of the short, that holds the pad, fits snug against the leg and is fully integrated into the tough outer via our “anchor” waistband; it won’t slip or bunch, it just keeps the short up, and avoids having to use any poppers or zippers to keep connect the inner and outer.  

“We shortened the leg length of the short to just above the knee, this stops the fabric bunching behind the knee which we all agreed is the biggest problem with modern baggie shorts and we slimmed the short around the leg to stop it flappy about or getting caught on bushes.  

“We’ve created something entirely new here, a short that more comfortable than a road bib, yet is tested to be durable when cycling off-road; basically, we’ve created the most comfortable and the fastest, toughest bike short!” 

Adjustable locking elastic waistband draw cord

As the Aussie Grit Apparel community grows, so too does the phenomenal response to the Men’s 2-in-1 Bike Shorts. Here are a few snippets of what passionate off-road riders have had to say: 

“Damn. These shorts are comfy! Sliding into these was like the moment that Cinderella found the glass slipper. The cut of the flint is totally on point, the fitted design coupled with the supple & stretchy materials make for a streamlined short with no annoying flappy pockets to get caught on your saddle” – Australian Mountain Bike Magazine 

“The best thing I can say about the Flint shorts is that I don’t notice them when riding. No flapping, rustling or catching – things that have always infuriated me about baggies. If you need to get over the back of the saddle, these shorts aren’t going to snag on the nose and get you tangled up. 

The Elastic Interface pad gives your derrière nothing to complain about either. It is divided into four specific pieces, each with a different thickness or density. The pad is designed for rides of 7 -hours plus! Crucially, despite this classification, we’ve found the Flint shorts to be comfortable for shorter 50-100km rides as well as all day outings.” – offroad.cc 

“They put everything a mountain biker wants into one pair of shorts, well made, look great, fit great, inner short and for me the best part which is the chamois. You don’t notice the chamois when stood up or not on the bike but when on the bike it does the job perfectly for those long or bumpy rides!” – Total MTB 

Quality, Italian made chamois

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