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You’re out riding, you’re concentrating on the route ahead of you, the next turn, and the thrill of being outside doing what you love.

You don’t want to be distracted by what you’re wearing. You expect your gear to be comfortable and to do its job, no compromises.

At Aussie Grit Apparel, we take that seriously. Here we’ve listed the top three cycling gear features we think will really make a difference to your ride.

What makes your list? Drop us a line at with your top features and we’ll share it on the blog.

An image of the men's chamois fetured in Aussie Grit Apparel bike shorts

A quality chamois.

A well designed chamois is arguably the most important feature of a cycling short.

Without the right chamois, your sit bones (or formally “the ischial tuberosity”) will soon complain and this could spell the end of your ride.

The pro-level chamois by Elastic Interface used in the men’s and women’s flint Bike Short is a true game changer. It features different zones of density, with the thickest padding directly under the sit bones.

This works to relieve pressure points and chafing, keep the skin dry, absorb pedalling energy and dampen vibrations which relieves stress from the pelvic bones.

As well as having a phenomenal chamois, the flint Bike Shorts are durable, lightweight and water repellent to protect and move with you as you ride.

Check them out here.

50+ permanent UV protection fabric.

A great jersey is a staple in any cyclist’s kit bag. A breathable jersey with easy to reach decent-sized pockets is key to a comfortable day in the elements.

A small feature that we think makes a big difference to the men’s flint Bike Jersey is four way stretch, 50+ permanent UV protection fabric.

When you’re leaning over your bike you’re exposed to the sun. 50+ fabric means that only 2% of the sun’s UV rays can reach your skin.

Plus, because we know you like to venture off the grid, the flint Bike jersey features a longer tail to protect from mud and dirt.

You can find the men’s and women’s flint Bike Jerseys here.

Vent zones and highly breathable fabric.

When it comes to cycling gear, layering is key. Whether it’s hot and humid or cold and wet, you need to your gear to breathe and this means having the right fabric and well-placed vent zones.

Our flint Bike Light Gilet is the perfect example of getting this balance right. It protects your torso from the wind chill and rain with an impressive 20,000mm waterproof rating, and stops you overheating with a matching breathability of 20,000 m2/24hr and two large airflow ventilation panels on the back.

The ultra-lightweight gilet packs into your jersey pocket when you warm up.

Take a closer look at our men’s and women’s gilets.

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