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We are excited to announce our partnership with luxury Tasmanian mountain bike tour destination, Blue Derby Pods Ride.

Blue Derby pods ride is a mountain biking experience based from unique, exclusive accommodation with the Blue Derby network at Derby, Tasmania.

Our founder’s connection with Tasmania dates back 15 years with the running of the Mark Webber Challenge adventure racing events (held between 2003 and 2013 in different regions of Tasmania.) Mark said that he was excited about the joint promotion with Blue Derby Pods Ride, given the brand’s focus on building apparel specific to off-road riding such as mountain biking and trail running.

“A core passion at Aussie Grit Apparel is connecting with nature. We believe that nothing, especially your gear, should detract from your time in the great outdoors so we carefully built our garments to deliver a total absence of negatives.

“What better place to connect with nature than the stunning Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails in Tassie.”

A key component of the partnership will see all Blue Derby Pods Ride Experience Leaders ride in Aussie Grit Apparel, and guests will have an opportunity to test some of the bike garments during their three-day stay on the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trail network.

“I was fortunate enough to get down to the world famous Blue Derby trails last year and the Blue Derby Pods Ride experience is uniquely Australian, from the locally sourced food and wine to the epic Tassie trail network. The effort that the Tasmanian government and local community have gone to in upgrading the trails and reviving tourism in the area is just awesome – it’s created a genuine worldwide buzz.

“I’m really excited about partnering with Blue Derby Pods Ride and I hope that everyone who gets to experience the beautiful Blue Derby Bike Trail Network, also gets to take a look at our flint range of gear in exactly the type of surroundings it was built for.”

Blue Derby Pods Ride founder, Tara Howell said that the “Aussie Grit Apparel brand and product is a perfect fit for Blue Derby Pods Ride. We love that the brand is about connecting to nature, and that the product is high quality”

“We have no doubt that our guests of Blue Derby Pods Ride will love trialling Aussie Grit’s flint range during our three-day mountain biking experience.”

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