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It’s easy to overindulge at Christmas time, the parties and family gatherings make it an environment where fitness routines can easily go out the window.

Here at Aussie Grit, we like to think of the festive season as a chance for celebration and relaxation and for us, there’s nothing more relaxing than getting out in nature. We asked our team and some of our community to share some of their active Christmas traditions, we hope you enjoy them.

If you have your own, please send them through to us at @aussiegritapparel we’d love to add them to the blog!

Mark Webber – Aussie Grit Apparel

I must confess I get a guilty pleasure out of training on Christmas Day… For two reasons really.  Firstly, I know I’m probably going to over-indulge and eat way too much and secondly, although it will depend on what time of the day I get out there, it’s usually super quiet and so it’s great to have the trails and training locations all to yourself. It’s a golden opportunity to reflect on everything that’s happened during the past year with no interruptions and so it’s a great dose of medicine.

When I was racing, training on Christmas Day represented an opportunity for me to grab a free session off my rivals as I didn’t think many of them would be training! I was probably kidding myself; I suspect now they were just as committed as me on Christmas Day.

Kerry Theaker – Aussie Grit Apparel

I don’t get back home to spend Christmas with the family in New Zealand nearly as much as I’d like, but it’s definitely not about relaxing on the couch after the huge buffet-style Christmas lunch!  Whether it’s the traditional hours-long water fight that inevitably turns into a slippery slide competition (adults included) or packing up the extended family and heading to the beach for an afternoon and evening of fishing, swimming and beach games, there’s always something fun to get stuck into.

Jude Palmer – Run Surrey Hills

Escaping the chaos of our packed household on Christmas Day is a custom I have long bought into. Putting on my familiar running gear and, if I’m lucky, a new pair of Christmas socks and heading out that door whatever the weather, is my time. The best present I can give to myself (and I didn’t have to wrap it). I love leaving the warmth of the house and feeling my body adjust to the change in temperature and I love the fact that with a house full of people, these 60 minutes or so are all mine.

Andrew Theaker – Aussie Grit Apparel

Christmas Day for me is about sitting down with my family, eating, drinking and being merry, and not moving until Boxing Day! It’s one of the few days in the year, where I have a chance to draw breathe and relax, and I feel no guilt for just letting it all go. Sadly, the feelings of guilt about overindulgence soon come back, so I make sure that I get out on the bike a couple of times over the Christmas Break and enter some ridiculous event or other, to give me something to focus on. This year is no different and I have entered a Brutal Run on the 29th Dec. I’ll see any other brave souls on the start line!

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