With Aussie Grit…

you’re ready to take on the outdoors, the elements and everything mother nature has to throw at you. It’s all about venturing ‘off the grid’.

Aussie Grit is the performance apparel made with moral fibre to help you navigate the path less trodden through a land of rugged beauty.

It’s everything you need to get out there, take it all in – then take it all on.

Our values

Mental fortitude

This is more than just being mentally tough; it is about real sweat, relatable sweat, determined sweat. Sweat made from getting out there and taking it on.

Focus on function

The harsh Australian climate is unforgiving and the elements relentless. To take them on, you need to be resourceful and creative…researching, designing, building and testing to ensure they’re fit for purpose.

Connected to nature

Out there is where you can lose yourself to find yourself and reconnect with what’s really important. It’s from where we draw our inspiration for colour and texture, capturing that rugged beauty and Australia’s unique flora and fauna in all its glory.


Aussie Grit is a term often first applied to Mark Webber, a nine-time Formula One Grand Prix winner and FIA World Endurance Champion.

Chasing his Formula One dream across the globe, Mark’s determination to keep mentally and physically fit saw him shunning the hotel gym for running and cycling in the great outdoors.

Training in nature in all kinds of weather, Mark found he was spending too much time focusing on what he was wearing. Small imperfections were getting in the way.

Through motor racing, Mark learned tight margins can be the difference between success and failure. You have to trust every aspect of your gear, to give you the headspace to perform at your best and enjoy the moment.

Instinctively, he knew where his next challenge lay: a range of sporting apparel specifically designed for running and cycling.

Behind the scenes